Prevent Expensive Repairs Down the Line

Prevent Expensive Repairs Down the Line

Keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance & inspections for your Citrus Springs or Dunnellon, FL home is crucial

The greatest factor in determining the life span of your system is maintenance! Like all mechanical systems your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to ensure it is running at peak efficiency and will continue to give you years of reliable service.

Dirty coils and filters are the #1 reason for compressor failure and system inefficiency. Is your company cleaning and sanitizing your coils on every visit?

Every HVAC system needs routine maintenance, whether it's a full tuneup or a quick HVAC inspection. Scheduling regular maintenance can help you catch problems early and avoid expensive repairs or replacements. Darlington Heating and Cooling, LLC offers a HVAC semiannual maintenance agreement plan to Citrus, Dunnellon, Marion, Levy and Sumter Counties to do just that!

Set up a semiannual HVAC maintenance plan for your home today.

What's included?

Signing up for our semiannual maintenance agreement comes with many perks. Thorough service is our top priority, and we carry that into our routine inspections and maintenance.

Our HVAC maintenance plan includes...

  • Checking all pressures, motors and switches to ensure they are operating within manufacturers specifications
  • Cleaning both indoor and outdoor coils
  • Clearing out the drain line and pan
  • Sanitizing the inside of your air handler unit

Other benefits to our maintenance agreement customers are:



  • 10% off all book pricing for repairs and indoor air quality equipment
  • No after hours service fee
  • Priority scheduling for service and repair requests

A simple HVAC inspection can be the difference between catching problems early and paying for extensive repairs later.

Ask about our maintenance plan today.